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DJ Dolph

Are You Motivated?

Sometimes an individual in the rap game comes along who is not only brilliant at throwing down untouchable rhymes but also demonstrates a savvy business sense. On T-Pain’s most recent single release titled Motivated he created one of the largest marketing splashes the hip hop game has ever seen. Before the official release of Motivated T-Pain leaked the song to several large hip hop web sites (hotnewhiphop.com, djbooth.net, 2dopeboyz.com) but interestingly enough the song was missing a second verse. Meaning that instead of T-Pain coming in on the second verse it was just a blank instrumental. This caused a huge amount of commotion throughout the industry as blogs were going crazy and hip-hop rating sites were questioning what was going on. The next day, December 15th, T-Pain informed the media that he was hosting a contest. He had released Motivated unfinished because he wanted unsigned artists to create their own second verse and submit it to his website. From there T-Pain would pick one individual and they would be welcomed to his studio to record their verse and be featured on his up and coming mixtape titled Prevolver.

Last week the official single was released for download and interestingly enough the group known as Mayday, whom I previously wrote an article about, stole the crown. The two emcees from the group Wrek and Bernbiz jumped on this track and clearly caught the eye of T-Pain. Like I said in my previous article these guys really have great lyricism and are very dynamic even when going over a beat as complicated as Motivated. Speaking of the beat it is only fair that I recognize the new producer Young Frye who killed it for T-Pain with this one.

If T-Pain’s auto tune iPhone app didn’t prove he is capable of thinking outside the box to generate revenue, this brilliant marketing scheme definitely shows he is comparable to rap business stars such as 50 cent or Diddy. It looks like it’s going to be a very good year for Nappy Boy and Mayday, I hope the same for all of my viewers. Happy 2011 and as usual keep it fresh my friends. Dj Dolph.

Click below for T-Pain's invitation to compete!

T-Pain – Motivated (Open Unsigned Artists Contest)

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