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DJ Dolph

A few months ago Michael Jackon’s first single off his posthumous album “Michael” was partially leaked onto the Internet. The track, which is titled "Hold My Hand", features pop superstar Akon and is deemed for success on the top 40 pop charts. Sources claim that the track was downloaded over 50 million times in a little over two months. There are some fans who are upset with this release, for they believe these tracks never should be commercialized, but as many of us know controversy appears in some way during every project. It is the opinion of many fans around the world that an artist of Michael’s caliber should be the only one to make the decision that the album is ready for sale. Either way, the album is ready to drop and November 12th graced us with the COMPLETED fresh single and a great interview with Konvict’s Akon, where he describes the emotions that came when working with the legend we know as Michael Jackson.

Try to tackle any project and you will find that problems rise left and right but there is no problem that trumps the death of Michael Jackson in the middle of recording his come back album. Luckily, Akon’s track with Michael was primarily completed before his death but because the track was partially leaked onto the Internet they stopped production and the track was never finished. Akon discusses that working with Michael on this project was like nothing he has ever experienced before. Akon explains, “"Just to be in the same room [with him], I felt like everything I wanted to achieve in life had already been achieved. That's how incredible that aura [is].” When Michael died Akon picked the project back up in memory of Michael and wow, that show commitment on Akon’s behalf. Even more applauding is the fact that Michael was the manager of this project and Akon simply the producer. For Akon to turn around and take the reins and release such an explosive song is simply remarkable.

This project like any other required an extreme amount of time and dedication but in the end the song is one that we will always remember. Akon has expressed that having the ability to work with Michael has changed his career forever, proving that the most effective way to gain greatness is to surround oneself with greatness. In the end I believe Michael would be proud to see this project come to an end and in his honor I hope this track has mainstream success.

All of us miss and will always remember the “King of Pop”. RIP MJ

Stay fresh my friends, Dolph.

(Click below to play “Hold My Hand” in a separate window. Click play to watch one of Akon’s intervews on YouTube below. )

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