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DJ Dolph

Moving east with the Far East Movement

When it comes to working in the recording industry creating a powerful team is a must. The group Far East Movement is sweeping the nation with their unique sound and interesting collaboration techniques. Creating a well functioning team will aid any group in ultimately achieving success and Kev Nisk, DJ Virman, Prohgress and J-Splif know all to well how this works. The band has branded their image by creating an infectious type of music known as electro pop. Their first hit single “Girls on the Dance Floor” was the number one requested song in their city before they were even signed. Their second single “Like a G6” is currently toping the billboard top 100 chart and bounced at every club around the United States. Far East Movement has titled their first album “Free Wired” meaning that one of their goals is to remain as socially connected to their fans as possible.
With a properly functioning team an artist has the ability to focus on social presence because other important responsibilities are being delegated to various individuals.

In today’s high paced and Internet driven society, it is more important than ever for artist to understand the concept of teamwork. It takes more than an artist with a unique sound to become popular and as obvious as that used to be in today’s world it becomes even more apparent. An artist should be able to focus exclusively on his or her music while the team behind the artist works to advance popularity. In the world of hip-hop the artists’ manager is the teams president and foundation. The manager works to make sure that every aspect of the artists’ career is moving at a proper pace and in the right direction. The manager will grow the team by uniting the artist with producers, engineers, record executives and talent agents. As the artist grows the team will grow as well, public relations and social media presence are two aspects that are more important today than they have ever been.

To download Far East Movement’s latest album “Free Wired”, which dropped on October 12th, click on the iTunes link bellow. In the meantime sit back and listen to their new single “Don’t Look Now” featuring Keri Hilson. Don’t sleep on these guys; they are bound to keep your iPod jamming. Jam On my friends: Dj Dolph

Free Wired - Far East Movement

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