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DJ Dolph

Got Chiddy Bang?

How is this for an iesting name? Meet Chidera Anamega “Chiddy” and Noah Beresin “Xaphoon Jones” together they form the hip hop/electronica duo Chiddy Bang. Their name comes from a shortened version of Chidera while the Bang they say they really can not explain. The duo met their freshmen year while attending Drexel University in Philadelphia through a mutual friend who knew they would work well together. The band has gained enormous popularity due to their interesting blend of hip hop and unique sample choices from artists such as Radiohead, Passion Pit and MGMT. In early February 2009 the music blog Pretty Much Amazing showcased five songs by Chiddy Bang and from their they moved on to be an underground music success. Their first single, "Opposite of Adults" sampled the group MGMT’s KIDS and was released on April 20, 2010 in the US. The duos next hit single to hit the streets was a remix to UK’s Ellie Goulding’s "Under the Sheets". If you havn’t downloaded either of these tracks then you are already behind the ball and your iPod is stale so stop reading here and download those right now. Ok your back lets continue. Their style continues to impress industry titans and they are currently being courted by several major record labels. Despite their upcoming success and busy UK tour schedule they still managed to release a mini mixtape in April titled Air Swell, which is free for download by clicking the link below.

Now let’s skip to the present, two days ago on October 12th Chiddy Bang released their first studio album titles The Preview, which is on itunes for your downloading pleasure. Their first single off the album is titled "The Good Life" which is co-produced and co-written by the legendary Pharrell. Both members of the band are still attending college and when asked how they are managing the juggle they answer quite simply, “They are not”. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys and keep their name close Google because they are bound to blow up soon. Keeping your playlist fresh: Dj Dolph

Twitter:Chiddy Bang on Twitter

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