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DJ Dolph

Everybody Scream: ¡MAYDAY!

First let me start by saying yes that is an upside down exclamation point, how do you enter it? If your using a mac press option + 1. If your using a PC then I don't care to explain. Second who is this group ¡? Meet the Miami natives Plex Luthor, Primo Gio, LT Hopkins, Nonymous, Bernbiz and Wrekonize who have racked up thousands of positive reviews when they released their most recent mixtape Lords of the Fly on September 28th. Their sophomore studio album titled Stuck on an Island is set to drop on October 12th and is sure to grab them some much needed attention. Keeping the acoustic guitars and hip-hop synths meshing perfectly are Plex Luthor, Primo Gio, LT Hopkins and Nonymous while Bernbiz and Wrekonize release some ear catching lyrics meshing perfectly with this groups already catchy persona. Take your mind back to Weezy's questionable Rebirth album (i know hard to want to remember) but nevertheless the tracks "Da Da Da", "On Fire", and "Get A Life" all have one thing in common: ¡MAYDAY! was the backing band. The group has managed to produce a sound that reminds me of Green Day deciding to do some illegal drugs, allowing Kanye to mix their music and giving rappers an entrance over the beat. Agree haha? It’s always nice to hear when a group/artist breaks the cultural norm and does it sounding above par. With some more time in the studio I have no doubt that they release a single that goes mainstream. Wanna see what I mean, then check out a few links below. Check out their latest release titled, "Give Em A Song" featuring southern gentleman David Banner by clicking on the link below. While your at it DOWNLOAD THIS: Lords of the Fly by right clicking on the image below and click "save as". (Yes its legal). Keep your playlist fresh friends: Dj Dolph.

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

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