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DJ Dolph

Kendrick Lamar

Featured on XXL’s 2011 Freshman cover, Kendrick Lamar is on an accelerated climb to the top of the rap game. Lamar is one of those rappers that people look at and tag as “real” and true to his craft. Kendrick released his first mix-tape titled Youngest N***** In Charge at the age of 16, under the name K. Dot. Due to the immense amount of hype caused by the album he was signed to Top Dawg Entertainment and released two dominating mix-tapes. In 2009 he decided that he would change his stage name to his real name, Kendrick Lamar, and then released a self-titled EP; the Kendrick Lamar EP. This project got him major buzz and from there the west started getting behind the Kendrick Lamar movement. In late 2010, as his popularity grew, he was asked to go on tour with Tech N9ne and Jay Rock. Immediately following his tour departure he released a mix-tape titled O(verly) D(edicated) and was then approached by Dr. Dre to write on Dre's upcoming album Detox. Many fans believe that Dre gave him a new view on his flow and truly tweaked Kendrick’s lyrical ability

Kendrick’s most recent project, released on July 2nd, 2011 is titled Section 80 and has been critically acclaimed. Below you will find a video where the legendary Pharrell stops into The Record Plant of LA and actually approaches Lamar telling him how he played the album on repeat while he was abroad. Many praise Kendrick as the man who is going to uplift hip-hop and bring it back to the days of Nas’ Illmatic. One aspect about Lamar that you will notice when you begin to play Section 80 is that every track is considered difficult, there is not one song that lacks lyrical drive. This can truly be seen when listening to our track of the week, “Hol’ Up.” Initially, you hear Chris Brown sounding horns and you think the track is going to be a pop cut but then Kendrick comes in with a focus on religious hypocrisy. If you are sleeping on Kendrick I beg you to take the time to click the link below and download this tape, I put my word on it. Until next week, Stay Fresh My Friends. Dj Dolph

Download Section 80

DJ Booth Article on Kendrick Lamar

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