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DJ Dolph


In today’s digital era it seems that more and more rappers are learning to hone the power of social media in order to push their product and create new fans. This week’s hot new artist is Maryland raised, YouTube sensation Wax. Wax has a unique style that blends an almost Johnny Cash sound with a Jay Z vibe. Most known for his freestyle rap called “New Crack”, which has accumulated well over 1 million YouTube views and is done while Wax is driving an SUV. The law may state that you can get a ticket for driving while talking on the phone but there are no regulations for shooting a freestyle while driving through traffic. Since 2006 Wax has released 5 mix-tapes and each of them have been labeled a huge success.

Wax has accumulated over 10 videos that have gone viral on YouTube, racked up over 20 million views and is known for continuously flooding his site, Waxdotcom.com, with fresh content. In early 2011 the famous YouTuber Ray William Johnson asked Wax to collaborate on a song called “Orphan Tears”, which has received over 15 million views to date. Finally, in March 2011 Wax announced that he signed a deal with Def Jam Recordings and simultaneously released his latest mix-tape titled Scrublife. The day before the release of Scrublife Wax’s lead single “Dispensary Girl” debuted on Entertainment Weekly and received critical acclaim.

Wax’s debut album is hinted to be released in October but has not yet received an official release date. Websites like DjBooth.net rave over Wax and hail him as one of the best underground rappers. I must say, when you listen to his mix-tapes his music is so unique and his lyricism is so laid back and comical yet profound and energizing. Because Wax is a social media conglomerate below you will find a plethora of videos and links to download his music. Scrublife is available for free and can be downloaded by clicking below and being directed to Wax’s blog. This week’s fresh track is none other than Wax’s lead single “Dispensary Girl.” And if you have 5 minutes to spare watch the “No Crack” freestyle below, it will blow your mind.

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